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Getting virtually immediate approval & beating the banks is what we specialise in!

  •  Get The Best Deal (We negotiate with the banks)
  •  Get Approved – Fast (We have direct computer access to the lenders)
  •  Get The Right Loan Structure (We set up your loan & bank account to cut a minimum of $160,700 in expenses off your loan without compromising your lifestyle)

And, Beat The Banks At Their Game … Guaranteed!!!

Specialist Finance Brokers – We Have Access To All The Major Banks (Over 25 Lenders & 800
Loan Products) 


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The Home Loan Advisory can provide you with a free ‘Best Loan Offer’ Call. During the call, you’ll discover:

  • Home Loan options available so you can make an informed decision – discover the best loan on offer, loan features and other costs
  • Your borrowing capacity so you don’t overextend yourself
  • Repayments and all the costs involved so you can plan ahead
  • Optimal mortgage structuring so you pay down the debt faster
  • Time frame and process to help you save tens of thousands
  • How to get approved quickly  – we understand lender policies and share with you what’s required
  • For your convenience, we conduct this initial consultation over the phone.

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During the initial call, we’ll discuss your property needs and provide feedback. We’ll also answer any questions you may have about home loans, investment loans and rates. If you choose to move forward, we prepare a detailed Total Home Loan Solution Plan for you. This includes:

  • Full home loan recommendations based on our strategy of helping clients get the right home loan and get out of debt as quickly as possible.
  • Loan and money management structure that means you pay less interest and pay off the loan faster.
  • “Automation” of finances so you achieve financial freedom as quickly as possible—and with ‘set and forget’ simplicity.
  • Complete lending pack with all the documents ready to go for a worry-free settlement.

After settlement, we review your plan at least every six months to make sure you stay on the road to financial freedom.

Contact us now to have all your questions answered. There’s no obligation and there’s no charge.

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We look forward to helping you find the right home loan, achieve financial independence and build a rock-solid financial foundation.