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Let the Home Loan Advisory brokers show you how to…

  • Get the Best Loan (we have access to over 20 lenders including the major banks)
  • Save over $160,700 in interest expenses (by showing you how to set up your accounts the Right way)
  • Get more property for your money
  • Get out of debt FAST
  • Achieve your financial goals

Whether you’re…

  • Buying a home
  • Refinancing
  • Investing in property

 A big chunk of the massive profits the banks make comes from their home loan divisions.

Banks will typically charge $488,280 in interest on a $350,000 loan (at 7%). There is an alternative.

Whether you’re buying a home or investing in a property, we can show you how to pay less interest and get out of debt faster.

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  • BONUS VIDEO #2: How to save $160,700 in home loan interest
  • BONUS VIDEO #3: How to incorporate fun, without wrecking your plan

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At the Home Loan Advisory, our #1 strategy is to shorten the length of your home loan. Most banks want to shunt you into a 30 year mortgage. We show you how to avoid this money sucking ploy.

The Home Loan Advisory can also help you:

  • Be aware of 12 expensive lender fees.
  • Find a genuine low-cost home loan.
  • Structure your bank accounts, repayments, and other financial affairs so you can pay off your loan much faster and save tens of thousands in interest expenses.
  • Pay off your loan and become debt free in less than 15 years.
  • Avoid the dreaded ‘short cut’ process that many banks and mortgage brokers use to pulverize your finances—and pad their profits.
  • Negotiate the best possible deal from lenders using one of our three proven financial strategies–each can save you thousands.
  • Minimise your tax exposure—legally and forever!
  • Interpret the fine print on a home loan agreement so there are no surprises.

You’ll save tens of thousands and give those mega banks less money! A LOT LESS!

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*Savings based on a $350,000 loan at 7% interest.